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The HMS Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure. Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure. Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure. Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure. Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure.

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The Bloody Maria is ported in Peligro.

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Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure.Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure.Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure.

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Enrico Stapleton

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Enrico Stapleton

Post by Enrico Stapleton on Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:28 pm

Player Information
Username: I am the Watson or also known as LordBreehy
How did you find out about Backwinded? My head.
Other characters: An NPC named William Bunting and a Captain named Sir Raymond Waugh

Character Information
Full Name: Enrico Archibald Stapleton
Nicknames: Richie, Rico, Enry, Archie
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Wiltown
Social Class: Gentry
Occupation: Midshipman


Father: Oliver Stapleton – The man is a brute to say the least, he is not as kind-hearted as his wife. Oliver is the spitting image of his own mother who was very hard-working, a bully, and a loudmouth. Oliver works as a military man since he was the second born son.
Mother: Abelie Collodi – A foreign woman from Potencia, gentry, who married Oilver Stapleton. She lived most of her life where Oliver grew up and was born; she is ‘foreign’ but truthfully not very as she lacks an accent of any sort. She is a very kind and gentle woman and so unlike her husband.


Enrico was the second son of the Stapletons, which is a family of gentry. Enrico was lucky enough to be born and raised by them. He was born on October 31st at 3:00 PM during a rainy, cold day. Enrico was very close to his older brother Fredrick, but his brother outshined him in everything he did causing Enrico to be very jealous of him. Enrico loved both his parents but was neither close to either of them. Enrico lived a very fine childhood, he had gone to school and studied, loving any class that mentioned Godfrey (a Medieval writer). Enrico wanted to become a play writer, but his father disallowed him to. Enrico, instead, his father decided to make his son become a part of the navy (considering that he had connections) and so, at the age twelve he entered as a Midshipman and has remained as such until recent times.

However, when Enrico was thirteen years of age, some had happened in which caused him to be very distressed and depressed at times. What had happened re-occurred throughout his years as a Midshipman, Enrico had turned to drinking himself silly whenever he had the chance to forget and sometimes self-mutilating himself with knives. Enrico had been sexually assaulted while a Midshipman and it didn’t happen once, but many times; though, it had halted as he was commisioned to a new ship once he was sixteen years of age.


Enrico is can give sarcastic remarks at times, not out of spite or cruelty, but out of love and play. Enrico enjoys a good joke or two, he loves pranking and to him life is all about having fun. He enjoys fighting and gets overly excited about things. He can be shy; however, to the point that he is very quiet and keeps to himself. He can be awkward, in a way, not knowing what to properly say at a moment or what to do in a particular situation (though when in a serious situation, he can come up with something in seconds. He is a quick thinker when it doesn’t include himself).

Enrico doesn’t feel safe around other people, especially larger men, and becomes speechless and utterly frightened when in a room with lots of people unless he’s drunk then he doesn’t care much. Enrico sometimes thinks back about what had happened to him in the past and when he does, he becomes nauseous, he hyperventilates, he sweats, and gets rapid breathing. Enrico has trouble falling to sleep and staying asleep, he sometimes has trouble paying attention to things, and he gets easily startled. He avoids areas in which reminds of the place where it happened as well as the place itself. He gets nightmares, sometimes becomes depressed and bodily pains when he thinks of what happened as well as it comes randomly. Enrico is an alcohol, enjoying drowning himself with ‘grog’.

He likes adorable things such as teddy bears, having one of his own nicknamed after himself called ‘Archibald’. Enrico is very fond of animals and enjoys petting and playing around with them.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Weaknesses - Enrico is a tiny bit shy and uncomfortable around people but he warms up to people rather quickly once he feels safe around them. Enrico isn’t particularly good with math; this makes it difficult for him to reach the next rank. Enrico is very self-conscious. Also Enrico doesn't feel like doing certain things when faced with his memory of what happened, he becomes sick and physically can't do anything.
Strengths - Enrico is good with literature as he is a huge fan of Godfrey (a Medieval writer) being able to recite him perfectly, this isn’t a strength but it’s a good trait that he has as he is able to remember things very vividly and well. Enrico is quite clever, and he can come up with an idea within seconds. Enrico is very loyal and would never back down even if it led him to his own death. Enrico is able to speak three languages, not the best, but he can speak some useful phrases. But he somewhat fluent in Potencian.

Physical Appearance:

Enrico, surprisingly, looks a lot more like his mother then he does his father. He, like his mother, has curly dark brown-black hair which is tied back into the typical pony-tail by a red ribbon. He originally had blonde hair when he was younger. He is short for a male his age, very scrawny as well. He is sickly pale and his skin looks as white as snow. He has large greenish-blue eyes and long brown eyelashes to match them which help enhance the largeness of his eyes as well as the colour of them itself; he has a long pointed nose which flares at times when he speaks. And on his delicate face is soft and thin eyebrows. He is often said to look like something out of a rich painting; though, he is convinced that he isn’t the best looking lad around.

Terence Corrigan

Anything Else?

Enrico was sexually assaulted, but is by no means a homosexual (but this doesn’t mean he won’t engage in a relationship, though he has become very ‘asexual’ long since then).

Writing Sample:

Enrico felt nauseous, he had felt that way for a long time and since the morning when he had woken up to see him close by his hammock again. Enrico couldn’t force himself out of his bed, he merely decided to stay in bed but this soon became impossible as others had vehemently forced him to get up and get to work. His whole day felt dragged, like he was going through the day like a hollow being. On the ship Enrico didn’t have much friends- save for one person. His friend had made his day worth going through, and he pretended that he was alright by laughing and spitting jests from his lips. And upon seeing his friend had tripped over a couple of ropes, Enrico laughed and shouted out from his lungs, “Nice footing!”

All day, still, he felt queasy and had an unruly headache but it didn’t stop him from teasing his friend and saying the most annoying comments. The favourite time of Enrico’s day was when he and his best friend practised language together, Enrico made it his fullest chance to mock his friend’s pronunciations. “Trying to please someone, are we?” Their studying together had been interrupted by one of the other Midshipman, yet by this time Enrico was randomly back in good spirits, telling them much tittle-tattle about a few lords and ladies from their homeland.

“And Lord Horace Woodworth is well known for enjoying creating excavations of ruins in foreign countries,” said the other man, who Enrico knew quite well but not well enough to be entirely comfortable around him.

“Well,” Enrico began and he knew well that Lord and Lady Woodworth also were known not to be very close to one another, “At least he’s having some excavation someplace else!”

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Enrico Stapleton

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Re: Enrico Stapleton

Post by Sherlock on Thu Aug 11, 2011 2:04 pm


Cute RP sample. Wink


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