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The HMS Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure. Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure. Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure. Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure. Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure.

West Isles:

The Bloody Maria is ported in Peligro.

At Sea:
Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure.Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure.Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure.

Other Islands:
Gaetan is

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Captain Raymond C. E. Waugh

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Captain Raymond C. E. Waugh

Post by Captain Raymond Waugh on Fri Aug 12, 2011 11:54 am

Player Information
Username: Watson the Admin or LordBreehy
How did you find out about Backwinded? My head, remember?
Other characters: NPC William Bunting and Midshipman Enrico Stapleton

Character Information
Full Name: Captain Raymond Waugh, Baron Raymond Cecil Edward Waugh
Nicknames: Ray, Ed
Age: 37
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Wiltown
Social Class: Working Class, but earned the title of Baron
Occupation: Captain of Defiance

George Frederick Waugh – George worked as a carriage driver for the majority of his life, George and Raymond are both very close to one another. Raymond looks up to his father and was greatly saddened when he learned of his father having a sickness.

Marie Waugh – Marie works as a maid to another noble family than George’s. She met her husband thanks to their fathers who both worked as janitors at an all boy’s school. Raymond isn’t as close to his mother as he is his father, but he still loves the woman as she is ever so kind and caring to him. Marie showers with Raymond with much love as that is all, she feels, she can give him.

Lady Susan Waugh – Raymond’s wife, younger by one year. She is a very happy woman who enjoys art yet she has a bit of a temper and becomes over emotional when sad. She bore Raymond two children. One in which is a three year old boy and another which is still within her and the gender is not known. Susan isn’t at all aware of Raymond’s attraction to men. Susan comes from a good family as she is gentry.

Richard Waugh – Richard is Raymond’s three year old son. He looks a lot like Raymond, blonde hair but blue eyes like his mother. Richard, much like a younger Raymond, is very energetic and overly excited with things.

Ignatius Galloway - Ignatius is his wife's sister's son who Raymond help on board his ship.


Raymond was born as an only child, he didn’t have any brothers or sisters. Raymond was a very sociable young lad so he never had a problem with making friends or playing games but when he was home, he played with his father or helped his mother around the house. Raymond as a toddler was given much love as the one and only son of the Waugh family. During his early childhood, he took on work, unlike boys of higher status and classes. He became a chimney sweep for quite a long time. He was often beaten as he was very troublesome as a young boy, he didn’t just get into trouble at work but also with other boys, regardless of their age in comparison to his, on his street and around Wiltown, being a very robust young boy. Once Raymond was around ten years old, he was tired of climbing into a chimney, gaining a fear of small spaces. Eventually, he went to a ship to become a ship’s boy. As a ship’s boy, he showed signs of much integrity and hard work and this lasted for three years before he became promoted as a midshipman at the age of thirteen.

He began to grow from a boy into a young man, he began to grow interest in other males and he did notice his attractions to them but he kept his desires at bay. He remained as a midshipman, having failed the lieutenant exams three times until he passed at thirty years of age. Three years later he had become captain, his time as lieutenant was filled with much fighting and battles, this is where most of his scars had derived from. While a captain on his first ship named the HMS Odyssey, he had caught an important enemy ship a very influential enemy was captaining. Upon this achievement, he was awarded the title of ‘Baron’ and given a great amount of money, this was a great step for Raymond at the age of thirty-three as he became gentry. After one year of being a captain for the Odyssey, his ship had been destroyed during a horrible storm, leaving he and what was left of his crew shipwrecked.

He returned to Wiltown to recover from the damages in which were inflicted upon him during the wreckage. There, in Wiltown, he met a woman named Susan, a year younger than him, who soon became his wife, Lady Susan Waugh. Raymond had only married her as to live a ‘normal’ life and to try and stay away from his hidden desires towards men. The two have a three year old son named Richard and recently Lady Susan is pregnant with another child. For some while Raymond stayed in Wiltown; however, in the recent year 1707, Raymond has been given the position as captain of the HMS Defiance as he has fully recovered from his damages and the ship was newly commissioned.


Raymond doesn’t judge others by what people tell him but rather what he see them do. He is a very caring person, not just to those who are his friends or of an upper class but also to those of lower classes and his crew. He wants the best for his crew and everyone on his ship. Though he is very gentle and thoughtful, he is afraid of showing his kindness and often covers it up with awkwardness or with a wise-crack jest. The only time he shows his emotions is when he is angered and it is easy to tell that he is upset. He is not aware that his wrath shows, but those who know him well are very much aware. When angered, he is utterly furious and he is a very strict man despite being compassionate so disobeying of rules and such are not tolerated by him. He is very dedicated to his work and will not stop working even if he is upset, he will simply put his worries and troubles aside. He is the type of man who keeps his sadness and troubles within him, letting it erupt and showcasing only when greatly angered or pushed to the limit. Raymond doesn’t think when angry, but afterwards he feels very sorry. Raymond gets stressed out easily especially when there is a lot on his mind (a lot of the time there is a lot on his mind) and when there is a lot to be done.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths – Raymond is very good with navigating places and is very knowledgeable about ships. He is also very good with mapping things out and knowing exactly where things are, being an expert at maps. Raymond is very skilled with fighting and fights almost animalistic and recklessly. Raymond is a good tactician; he creates very good and almost dangerous, but brave tactics when in battle.

Weaknesses – Raymond doesn’t have the best of eyesight (sometimes wearing glasses yet he hates to do so, finding it uncomfortable). Being of working class originally he wasn’t educated in reading, writing, or math so it still comes as a challenge to him even if he learned to do all three rather quickly as midshipman and had become a captain at quite a young age. He doesn’t know any foreign languages, only a few phrases and words but nothing astounding that would put him above anyone else.

Physical Appearance:

Raymond has a few wrinkles and pock marks, he is average-looking and stands at 5’11 inches and a half. Raymond has long blonde hair in which he usually ties tightly- but it does end up loose and wild from time to time. He has one lazy eye, which he is ashamed of and dislikes, he is tired of some people mentioning it or talking of it behind his back.

He has a round, pointed nose and soft-looking eyes of a brownish colour. He isn’t at all pale and is quite tanned as he has been sailing and on the sea for quite a long time, being in the sun. Raymond has some scars every now and then on his chest, arms, legs, and other parts of his body which he is proud of and shows just how many battles he has been through. Raymond is quite muscular and robust in his build and physique. Even if he’s only thirty-seven, he looks much older as stress has made him appear older in appearance.

Russell Crowe

Anything Else?
He is a homosexual; he doesn’t like being the ‘passive role’ but rather the dominant one in the relationship.

Writing Sample:

There he was in Wiltown; it was no longer odd for him to be dining on land rather than sea. He had been on land for quite some time now, he didn’t have to experience the swaying of the ship going from one side to another or smelling the salty air, he didn’t have to worry about a crew or anyone else for that matter. There he sat in his home’s dinner table with his newly pregnant wife and his three year old son (who had just turned a couple days prior); he was eating roasted pork and sipping wine. His wife was from a good family and so they had a big home and good food- though he was he was originally a lower class but was a captain of ship, so getting used to good food wasn’t necessary for him. He was quite calm, it felt like it was the first time in his life where he wasn’t feeling stressed. Absolutely nothing was on his mind.

“Potatoes, dear, have some,” his lovely wife Susan softly said while smiling. Raymond took some and nodded in thanks, then quickly flashed a smile remembering that he wasn’t dining with hooligan seamen or his friends.

“Thank you, my dear,” he responded. Raymond wasn’t attracted to her but he was very convinced by the fact that he’d learn to as this was the way one had to live- it was a normal life. He was a man and thus he had to marry a woman. He did love her, just more platonically (if one were to call it that sort of love).

“I suppose you’re feeling better?” She inquired taking back the potatoes and feeding their son Richard son, he was busy playing with his food and swinging around like the little monkey he was. “Be still, Richard,” she giggled before turning once more to her husband.

“Ah, yes I am, thank you for asking Susan,” Raymond said suddenly peering up from his plate, he had broken both legs and one arm. His right leg was still broken but it was slowly healing and soon he’d be able to go back to his job as a captain. He had other injuries that were far worse than broken limbs, but those were all gone now as he was nearing his time of not needing any aide or help. He felt as though being sick or hurt was a sort of a weakness which put him below other men, in a way, as he wasn’t fully operational and he didn’t like talking about his troubles.

Captain Raymond Waugh

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Re: Captain Raymond C. E. Waugh

Post by Sherlock on Fri Aug 12, 2011 12:48 pm


XD I'm in love with this guy! <3


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