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The HMS Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure. Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure. Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure. Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure. Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure.

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Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure.Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure.Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure.

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Character Rules

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Character Rules

Post by Sherlock on Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:50 pm

This is one of the most important threads in the game because Backwinded is a historical fantasy role-playing game and therefore requires quite a bit of regulation. By a character application, the staff members of Backwinded assume that you have read and agreed to the Terms of Service of Forumotion, the Game Rules, Character Creation and these rules. We also recommend you look at the Orientation Guide and post in the Introductions.

Character Rules are just as important as the Game Rules, so keep that in mind when you create your character and during role-playing.

If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask someone, we’re here to help.

    Character Creation Rules
    1. When first joining, you are allowed to apply for up to two characters and it is highly recommended that one of them is situated at sea as that is the primary focal point of our game. After that, you should establish your characters before wishing to create any more.
    2. For now, there is no character limit, you are allowed as many characters as you can handle, the recommended limit of characters is fifteen characters, excluding deceased characters. There is no time or post requirement for creating new characters but if you are inactive with or neglecting certain characters, your subsequent characters may be rejected and you will be asked to concentrate on the ones you already have before creating any new ones.
    3. A PB or “face” is not required, but if you wish to include an image, you are free to do so (as long as it is relevant to your character). As mentioned in the Game Rules, there is no “Face Claim”, if someone is using a face, it is theirs. We do, however, have a Face/PB List to record who is being used.
    4. Try and avoid character clichés/Mary Sues/Gary Stus. Even though this is a fantasy game, we need some realism. No one is invincible, immortal, or perfect. We all have things that help or hinder us, strengths and weaknesses that affect how we interact with the world around us. Our characters need that, too.
      I. Our setting is in a period where disease, death, rape, murder, etc, are prevalent, so it doesn’t make your character anymore “special” than others to have had a horrible past. Please be sensitive towards the topics mentioned above and remember that terrible pasts will affect your character’s current state.
    For more information about creating a character, please proceed to this thread: Character Creation.

    Role-play Rules
    On Backwinded, we rely heavily on the decisions of characters to advance the plot. Characters can build alliances, betray one another, and plot treason, etc. In Backwinded, there is always a risk for our characters, and sometimes unexpected outcomes.
    1. All actions have consequences. Just like in real life, what decisions your characters make affect the outcome. And sometimes our decisions result in death. On Backwinded, we highly value realism. The game may be based in a fantasy world but realism definitely still applies. For example, if your character is showing off and climbing down a cliff, they may fall, or if your servant girl slaps her lord, she may be sentenced to death, or if your character wanders alone at night (or even day) through the woods, they may run the risk of meeting with bandits and getting killed. Sometimes you can get out of these situations but miracles do not always happen.
    2. Not everything is black and white. Humans are contradictory by nature. In this game, no character is absolutely “good” or “evil” and neither are their decisions, which are made in their best interests. Sometimes a decision will result in a character appearing bad and others make them appear good.
    3. As stated in the game rules, sex is allowed on the site but there is more to life than just romance and sexual intercourse between characters.
      I. Please remember that women always run the risk of pregnancy as women utilised crude means of contraceptives. If you wish to become pregnant, you must send a PM to The Fates. You will be informed whether or not you are pregnant. If you do become pregnant, you will be told what gender the child is (or children are) and you must role-play your character as pregnant for four to six months before giving birth. Remember that during this time period, there were many risks during pregnancy.
      II. If your character has a crush on someone, let them have a crush on them even if the person won’t like them back. Just like in life, sometimes we don’t get what we want, not everyone is going to get together. Also romantic relationships don’t occur right after the first meeting, it takes times to fall in love and during this time period, most marriages were arranged regardless of age and status.
    4. Don’t let your “biases” get into character. Our game’s world Vale is based in the eighteenth to nineteenth century of our own world, what is normal and every-day for us is not for our characters, their world is different from our own in more ways than time period. What knowledge, political ideals, values, and understanding of things such as gender, sexuality, class, race, health, etc, we have now did not exist back then. Try to respect that when in game.
      I. Vale’s society is patriarchal. Men are considered higher than women and are the head of their households. In terms of inheritance, everything is handed to the eldest male heir or the closest male relative. Women rely heavily on male relatives and have little say on matters. For those women who rebel against the men in their life and their society will have an extremely difficult life. If in a situation where the male head of the house is not in the position to make decisions, such as imprisonment, the female head of house may only make the decisions if her eldest son is not old enough or there are no other male relatives present.
      II. In Vale, all romantic relations are political and made to support the family. The head of the houses may make engagements between their sons and daughters to create alliances, for business relations, and/or to increase their family’s wealth, military, or social standing. The opinions of the children involved in betrothals and engagements matter very little and most of the time, these betrothals aren’t perfect but they are made for the safety and the security of the family.
      III. Religion is a huge part of Vale life and belief. At this time, there atheists are not socially accepted.

    This is just a game. This is just how things were. If decisions and arrangements were made in game for your character (such as an arranged marriage), they should not affect you out of character. If they do, you are free to discuss it with the other players involved. The key here is respect.


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