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The HMS Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure. Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure. Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure. Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure. Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure.

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The Bloody Maria is ported in Peligro.

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Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure.Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure.Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure.

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Gaetan is

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Games Rules

Post by Sherlock on Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:50 pm

This is one of the most important threads in the game. By creating an account and posting a character application, the staff members of Backwinded assume that you have read and agreed to both the Terms of Service of Forumotion and all the rules of the game provided.

Make sure that you read these rules, the Character Rules, Character Creation and the Orientation Guide. Also it is recommended that you post in the Introductions before creating your character so that you can develop both your character idea and get to know the community.

If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask someone, we’re here to help.

    General Rules
    1. Respect each other. This is the most important rule of all and it will be handled very seriously. Out-of-character drama between members will not be tolerated. Offensive comments (involving racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, etc) may result in an automatic permanent ban.
      I. If anyone has a problem or concern, do not hesitate to contact a member of the staff, we will try to handle the situation fair-mindedly.
      II. Punishment will be handled at the discretion all members of the staff. Depending on the severity of the issue, punishments will vary from a warning through PM, a week-long ban, or permanent ban.
    2. Have fun. This is the second most important rule. The point of this game is to have fun through role-play and interaction with other players. Always feel free to make minor plots with other members, whether separate or stemming from the main plot.
      I. Communicate with other players. Always discuss with other players what you would like to see happen in roleplay, this is both a sign of respect and a great way to develop plots.
    3. Backwinded allows mature subjects and content such as coarse language, violence, and sexual content given that it is either implied or not written in explicit detail in threads without labelling. We adhere to the RPG Rating of 2-2-2, for more information, go here: RPG Rating.
      I. If extreme mature content is present in a thread, the writer must be eighteen or older and the thread must be marked with a warning (any sexual content relating to characters that are under eighteen must be fade-to-black).
      II. We strongly recommend you to be tasteful and understand that this game is not for constant graphic content; otherwise, a warning will be issued.
    4. For now, the policy here is one account per character. Hopefully in the future, we will have the option of enabling sub-accounts.
    5. In terms of graphics, icon size must be 100x100 and signature size must be no larger than 550x250.
      Also ensure that images included in graphics are PG-13 and are appropriate to the historical period of the game, otherwise you will be asked to remove the image. In addition, Backwinded does not have a “face claim” system but two characters cannot share the same image, if someone is using a “face” first, then it is theirs unless they fall inactive. To see who is being used, you can go to the Face/PB List.

    Activity Rules
    1. To keep our game Backwinded living and breathing, we need activity. We do not expect you to submit your soul to the site (but if you wish to, you certainly may), all that we ask is that you come on regularly to post in order to remain fair to those you are in plots and threads with. If your activity will be affected for an extended period of time (for more than one week), then you should post in the Absences board.
    2. If you are inactive for one month or more, all your characters will be deactivated and their profiles moved to “Inactive Characters”. They can be reactivated upon your return through private messaging a staff member. Depending on a character’s role in the game, they may be adopted. For more information, go here: Adoptions.

    Posting Rules
    1. No godmoding/power-playing and that’s final. It ruins the fun for other players. You or your character cannot control another player’s character’s thoughts, emotions, movements, speech, or reactions. Try and let the other character react first. If you feel that something should happen, then please discuss it with the other player first. There are few exceptions to this, such as characters moving from one location to another or any other actions discussed by both players.
    2. Here, we value proper spelling and grammar. A missing word or typo is alright; however, consistent errors in grammar and spelling can sometimes become hard to understand so please, take the time to use a spell checker and/or re-read your work.
      I. Please write in third person and past-tense.
      II. When your characters speak, try and avoid using modern language.
      III. Keep your posts clean and simple. Do not use any fancy colours, post templates, or decorations. Sometimes when skins are being changed they can clash with the different skins.
    3. We allow liquid role-playing, so you are permitted to be in more than one thread at once. But remember time is important, if any post is made after a thread created prior to it, it happens afterwards unless specified otherwise or posted in the past board. This is because one action affects things that will occur in the future.

      Your character cannot be in two places at once (which is why we have set up the Calendar System) and if your character is travelling from one location to another, depending on how far they have travelled, they may not arrive the following day (sometimes they might arrive after a month or so!). Just keep these sort of things in consideration as you roleplay.

      I. When you post a thread, it is mandatory that you put a timestamp (either in the title or in the post) and include the calendar date for easy reference and to keep track of when events occur. For more information, go here: How the Calendar Works.

      If you put a time stamp in a post, it should be located at the top of the post and bolded. Otherwise, the timestamp can simply go into the title or thread description.
    4. We have no word limit! Try to make engaging and interesting posts, give the other poster(s) something to respond to. Sometimes shorter responses are better than longer ones such as during action scenes (during a duel, war, etc) or social gatherings. We don’t expect you to write lengthy posts, but we do encourage that you down play the number of one-liners. Either way, it all adds up the same in the end.
    5. There is specific no posting order in group threads on here. Just make sure to be respectful to other players and do not leave anyone far behind. If players feel that there should be a posting order in their thread, they can work it out with each other.
    6. Sometimes one-on-one threads can get a little boring, we encourage group threads and that most threads should be open! We want to be friendly and open to everyone, not just our friends.

    Also always include the status of your thread in the title.
      means that a thread is open and that anyone is free to join into the thread!
      means it is a public thread, it is similar to both an open and restricted thread except that a public thread is directed for specific players but other players can participate as bystanders and witnesses.
      means it is a restricted thread, it is only for a few specific players or groups to participate in (sometimes it is possible to join in these threads by PMing the thread starter). Their names may or may not be listed in the thread's title.
      means it is a closed thread, it may have previously been an open thread and it is not accepting any more players or it may be absolutely closed off to other players (and it is not possible to join in the thread as it is a plot-related thread). It could also be a posted IM RP session.
      means the thread is solo, it is not accepting any replies and is supposed to be completely on it's own. It is considered canon to the site's events and usually focuses on the sole character in the post (though it can involve other surrounding characters, whether NPC or also belonging to the player).
    Extraneous Rules
    1. Shameless advertising is prohibited. The only place where advertisements are permitted is the advertising board. If you are caught advertising through private messages, your ability to PM will be disabled.


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