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The HMS Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure. Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure. Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure. Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure. Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure.

West Isles:

The Bloody Maria is ported in Peligro.

At Sea:
Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure.Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure.Defiance is newly commissioned and ported in Wiltown, preparing for its departure.

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Gaetan is

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Ignatius Galloway

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Ignatius Galloway

Post by Ignatius Galloway on Thu Sep 01, 2011 8:27 am

Player Information
Username: Watson
How did you find out about Backwinded? ….
Other characters: Enrico Stapleton, Captain Raymond Waugh, Nelson Milne, Jedediah Cocking

Character Information
Full Name: Ignatius Galloway
Nicknames: Iggy
Age: Twelve
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Western Niles
Social Class: Middle Class
Occupation: Midshipman

Franklin Galloway: Franklin Galloway is a teacher at a well-known university in Wiltown but before that he was teaching the language of Longren to the natives of the Western Niles. He’d periodically visit Longren where he met his wife Grace. Franklin is a very strict man who enjoys reading and research; this had an impact on Ignatius. Franklin believes that Ignatius can learn much (especially leadership and discipline) from being a midshipman and going off to sea, the reason why the boy has become a midshipman. Despite that he also does want his son to one day retire from his sea career and become a teacher much like himself.

Grace Galloway: Grace was the daughter of a somewhat well-known composer and in result of that Grace become ever so gifted in playing the piano as her father wished for her and her brother to succeed in becoming the best pianists. Grace’s father does want Ignatius to become a composer and play the piano much like him.

August Galloway: Ignatius younger sister who is nine years of age, she is also being forced by her mother’s father to play the piano. August is quite skilled at knitting and playing the flute, however. She has gotten the more musical genes in the family as opposed to Ignatius who has seemed to have gotten their father’s love of books and learning. She is sisters with Marie Waugh.

Captain Raymond Waugh: Raymond is Ignatius' uncle. Raymond's wife is sisters with Ignatius' mother, making him the captain's nephew and easily able to enter his ship.

Background: Ignatius was born in the Western Niles during his father’s point of career when he was speaking the written and spoken language of Longren to the natives of where he was currently working. He had brought his wife Grace Galloway, whom he had met in Wiltown, to the Western Niles for several years and soon they had Ignatius there. Ignatius was loved by the servants as he was a child with bright, big blue eyes who caused them no trouble. He was a very quiet and loveable little infant who loved to cuddle. Ignatius grew up during his earlier years to enjoy observing spiders and having his father teach him how to read, he showed signs of being a very bright child and he often was visited by his mother’s father who attempted teaching him how to play the piano – even at the age of four. He did learn to play the piano but he wasn’t as good as his soon-to-come younger sister August who was born three years after he was. The two of them grew up in the Western Niles playing games together, they were incredibly close. Ignatius considered his younger sister to be his best friend. Ignatius was very fond any sort of physical work as a younger boy, running around and playing any sort of sports. When other boys told him that his sister couldn’t play with him, he got very mad and decided to never ever play with them again. Ignatius showed very fine fondness for reptiles and fish in particular and reading educational books much like his father. He was made to go to school like other middle class boys; he only did excel in writing, reading, and mathematics. He didn’t like playing sports of any kind at school because ‘they’re a lot more fun with my sister’. Because his poor mark in school and his decisions to not do certain things in school because they’re ‘boring’, his father decided to send him to the navy to learn leadership and discipline.

Personality: Ignatius is a very strong-minded boy as he thinks something, it stays that way and he likes to always be correct. Though a midshipman, Ignatius likes to put his personal life and interests before his work even if he enjoys all the bossing around and the action around being a part of the navy. Ignatius likes to read and educate himself about things but sometimes he’ll only pay attention to things in which capture his interest – things with energy, oddity and action. Ignatius likes being in charge and doesn’t like feeling like ‘low’ or a ‘subordinate’. He likes befriending anyone regardless of age, gender, or status and he has the capacity and ability to speak for hours on end being a very energetic and talkative child. Ignatius is also a little too grown-up for his age, thinking that because he’s on the navy and accompanied by men a lot that he must grow up and rid himself of every fraction of child he has within himself. Ignatius despite trying to be so mature is very immature and childish as he likes to play games like any other boy his age. He becomes angered quite easily especially when others are demeaning those who he cares a lot about. Ignatius doesn’t like to show any ounce of fear or sadness when he feels miserable but it tends to show anyways because of his inability to keep it in.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Ignatius is very good with containing information in his little head especially mathematical or written things. He is very good at anything physical as he has a lot of energy and likes to move around a lot. Ignatius is very good at commanding as he likes being in charge of things. However despite these good traits, he follows his emotions rather than the logic and intelligence in which he has – almost always being blinded by his feelings. Ignatius likes to have fun so there are times he feels like not working (even if he does exceed in the work he does), Ignatius is very reckless and doesn’t pay attention to the things he does.

Physical Appearance: Ignatius is a normal weighted boy and average height, he is quite pale but not sickly so. He has bright blonde hair which turns in big curls and the tip of his roots are of a brownish colour. Ignatius, much like mother and sister, has a round head with slight freckles, small thin pink lips, a pointed tiny nose, and big elephant ears. He is quite muscular for his age as he gets some exercise daily.

Additional Information:

Writing Sample: Ignatius sat firmly in his chair watching his teacher reading to the class, “And into Esposium they went…” The whole story was improbable, how someone could venture into the afterlife was completely impossible and no living man was capable of doing so. If so then armies could take the dead from their world to fight for the living ; even when the living died then they could be taken back to the living world to be walking dead men fighting for the living once again. Ignatius found the story interesting but silly all the same. He was bored and tired; he had stayed up reading a book about insects. He couldn’t wait for the class to end – last class of the day, fortunately enough for him. He was going to close his eyes for only a moment. Just a small and short moment, perhaps closing his eyes and dozing off for a bit would pass the time slightly.
“Iggy,” Said a whispering voice from behind, he turned around to see who it was. It was his good friend Edmund.
“What is it, Ed?” Ignatius hissed back in somewhat of an annoyance, he just wanted to get out of the class and home where his beloved sister August was.
“Class is over. We may leave now.” His friend commented. Ignatius looked about the room, he noticed it was empty.
“Thanks for telling me, Edmund.” Ignatius moaned, getting up and grabbing all his books. Not even their professor was in the class room.
“I did but you were sleeping! Professor Kent told me to get you to wake up. Oh, he also told me to tell you: ‘Don’t you ever, Ignatius Galloway, sleep in my class again and I won’t humiliate you again.’ That’s what he said, quite fun--,”
“What does he mean by humiliate?”Ignatius inquired, raising an eyebrow and stopping himself from furthering packing his things in his knapsack.
“He sort of… Made jokes about you and put ink on your hand… which then you put on your face with the way you were sleeping.” Edmund responded, trying not to crack a grin. Ignatius wasn’t the least bit amused and was rather furious.
“Where is he?” Ignatius said holding onto his bag and finished packing away his books, storming off into the corridor.
“No,” Edmund screamed after him and came running behind Ignatius, “You’re not going to tell him off are you?”
“Don’t be silly… I am going to tell him that he’s wasting ink like that.” Ignatius replied matter-of-factly.
“Isn’t that telling off in a way that’s begging to be throttled?” Edmund asked, “You’re lucky to not have been whipped.”
“Whipped? I call it flogging, it feels like it.” Ignatius commented.
“That’s because you’ve had it many times. If only you’d pay attention to your classes and not always relying on the way you feel at a moment. You’re just like--,”
Ignatius had cut Edmund off, “I am just like Lillian from that book we read in class. I know. Blinded by her emotions just like I am. I have an important meeting with my father about discontinuing schooling, so I must be off and without you following me home this time round. I’ll see you sometime when I am older and a captain of my own ship.”
Edmund hadn’t the time to respond as Ignatius ran off.

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Ignatius Galloway

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Re: Ignatius Galloway

Post by Sherlock on Thu Sep 01, 2011 8:47 am


So cuuuute XDDD Love the RP Sample<3


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